Bañaderos-Puertillo, a familiar location for swimming in the sea

Bañaderos beach at low tide, at the eastern end of the promenade Los Charcones (El Puertillo).

ARUCAS. The northern coast of Arucas is on the promenade of Los Charcones a splendid viewpoint to the ocean. And at the foot of it, a number of beaches and pools (Bañaderos-El Puertillo) that, especially in summer, are occupied by locals. The family nature of these beaches and pools give personality to the location, where you can also enjoy the food (especially seafood) in any of the restaurants and terraces that overlook them from the neighborhood of El Puertillo. The promenade, which opened in the summer of 2011, is about a kilometer long. On the east side is the small Bañaderos beach, about 360 meters long and 20 wide, sandy blonde outdoor protected from waves by natural barriers of rock. Then westbound and following the route of the promenade, the new space for swimming baths, with a new beach of over 7,000 square meters (after setback the promenade from de sea); a large solarium of over 2,200 square meters and, with them, three seminatural pools of about 7,000 square meters (one shallow and sand at the access, designed for use by youngest of the family). Beaches and pools have surveillance and services. There is a parking area at the back of the promenade and at the entrance of the neighborhood, which is accessed directly from the highway GC-2.

Click each picture to see larger size. Photo report: Yuri Millares.

See Promenade El Puertillo-Bañaderos in a bigger map

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